Water, Smoke and Fire Mitigation

Whether property or content restoration, ARC Services is available with rapid response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for Water, Smoke and Fire Mitigation.

Our standards are high, and we have extensive quality control procedures.  We build it correctly the first time, we do NOT cut corners, and we always GUARANTEE our work.

Water Mitigation EquipmentWATER MITIGATION

When concerned with a water loss, regardless of source, proper steps must be taken to ensure protection of property, valuables, and health.  Rapid response along with proper remedial steps are essential to reduce cost and prevent further damage, as well as to mitigate the possibility of microbial growth (i.e. mold).

Depending upon location and type of water loss, ARC Services methods and procedures for water mitigation include, but are not limited to:

  • Moisture reading in walls, floor, and air with a Precision Psychrometer or Protimeter.
  • Emergency response in repairing the source of the issue.
  • Water removal with the use of a water extractor and wand or claw.
  • Removal of damaged materials (i.e. drywall, insulation, trim, flooring, carpet, etc.).
  • Use of dehumidification systems to fit specific job requirements.
  • Use of air movers to further enhance efficiency of procedures and reduce dry out time.
  • Daily moisture level monitoring to ensure efficient use of equipment and mitigation methods.
  • Cleansing of affected areas (including the application of EPA approved antimicrobials).
  • Inventory of total loss property.



When smoke or fire cause damage to property, immediate response is essential.  The lingering effects of fire or smoke damage can cause deterioration to wiring, electronics, and materials, and the lingering odor of smoke can significantly depreciate the value of property.

The full service response offered by ARC Services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Emergency board up/tarp service.
  • Approval of all work prior to service.
  • Reestablishment of electricity for heat and water removal.
  • Use of electronic equipment (i.e. air scrubbers) to control the spread of smoke odor.
  • Removal of all fire damaged materials.
  • Complete structure scrub and removal of all fire or smoke debris.
  • Complete sealing of porous materials on all sides with proper sealing materials.
  • Reconstruction of property to pre-loss condition or better.
  • Complete inventory of contents.
  • Disposal of total loss items (after approval of property owner and insurance company).
  • Pack out of materials to be cleaned.
  • Cleaning of contents.
  • Pack back of contents upon completion of reconstruction.
  • Complete open communication with both property owner and insurance company.



Upon completion of emergency work, water removal, mitigation of smoke damage, and board-up and tarping of property, the property will need to be reconstructed.  ARC Services personnel and trades possess the expertise and dedication to reconstruct your property to the highest standard possible.  Our staff will work with property owners, insurance companies, and necessary municipalities to ensure property is rebuilt to pre-loss condition or better, both quickly and with attention to detail.